I love you

So there’s this guy I recently dumped him

And told him to be mature and so he did and now we’re back together I love him so much and hopefully things go perfect and he doesn’t take things to far .. Like inviting me to his sisters all night birthday party at his house now that’s not right but he is good now and I love him


Here’s what I know some guys are players and ignore you
Some just don’t love you and the bad boys start drama and their girlfriends get involved in their drama and I wish drama would end .. The good boys actually love you and send you
long sweet messages … And they never want to hurt you but at some point they do …! Some girls deserve to be treated better than the way guys treat them … So hopefully I hope the boys read this an realize how much they have hurt girls and how much drama they start !!! Well I just think we are all to young and irresponsible with our love life so just go a couple months without a lover and think about this everyday and then go back to your lover an be responsible don’t start drama girls hate it and it drives them crazy I just dumped my boy a month ago an gave him time to be more responsible so just think and then realize how much drama u start


I’m under stress and so much drama happens My life isn’t easy I don’t think any ones life is easy … I wish I was little again sometimes so I don’t have to worry about drama I can be me
And that’s all some people want but they can’t be because so many have judged them and it makes you stop being you . Your trying hard to be perfect but u just can’t
And I think everyone needs to just relax and be theirselves for a day cause some people miss their old self when they didn’t know inappropriate things I miss my old self .. So if you want to be your old self just be yourself and don’t let anybody stop you don’t die a copy - kaitlynn